Scams Awareness Month 2016

National Trading Standards takes part in the annual Scams Awareness Month

National Trading Standards participated in the Scams Awareness Month 2016 campaign. The campaign encouraged consumers to ‘Be Scam Aware’ and urged them to take a moment and trust their gut instinct so that they would get advice, report scams and tell others about their experiences.

During Scams Awareness Month the National Trading Standards Scams Team announced that 750,000 pieces of scam mail had been prevented from entering the UK postal system in the last three months and warned people to be aware of the risk of becoming a mail scam victim. The Team also urged to consumers to look out for signs that they are receiving scam mail such as:

  • A foreign return address
  • An offer of a big pay out in return for a small purchase or administration fee
  • Requests for personal details in order to claim a prize
  • A letter claiming you’ve won a lottery that you didn’t enter
  • Letters from a psychic or clairvoyant offering their services for a fee
  • An offer that seems too good to be true

Our full Scams Awareness Month 2016 press release can be found here